Being Yeasayer!!



You : What!! A year and a half!! who takes that long to write a blog post?

Me : lazy ppl like me..I bet there are lots out there….I was trying to find various reasons to smile and found one..Lets go..

Life is beautiful, Yes that’s the motto everyone should be living the life on. And, most importantly look at the heading of my Blog 😀

But, who follows that? Anyone? Tell me guys I don’t see many people live the life the way it is supposed to be. Life is not a hobbyhorse don’t lose it for the ones who don’t matter.

We see people with variegated cultures & they all play a vital part in our lives, some are there to give you hope, some people give us positivity and some of them spread negativity. It is up-to us to decide who we want to follow, and be cognizant of the consequences. No one can teach us other than our inner self.

Yea Yea, it’s getting boring, you all must be thinking that I am talking about all the usual stuff that every person when he learns some-thing new or who wants to blurt out the philosophy about everyone talks about.

Are you bored? Boo, tell me a joke. I want to laugh as well, c’mon, If you are in a good mood you will say a joke, else pretend to laugh, carry an awesome smile on your face. Trust me you look perfect. Smiling face wins lot of hearts and it gives you a sense of relief when people get attracted towards yourself – Feels so good. Don’t be flustered about life, become a reason for your own smile and I bet you will feel pompous.

You know the most annoying discussions are always the unhealthy one’s because they always lead to moot and then become a polemic hence takes your peace away from you. So, try to avoid such discussions, and find positivity, humor, laughter in everything.

We all have friends , I guess I am right!! Ok, some have best friends!!, ok ok, some have BFF(best friends forever), some have partners like I have one 🙂 I mean to say, talk to them, if you trust them with closed eyes, talk to them – You know some time we just need someone to listen to us without asking a question and it makes us happy. It could be your friend, bestie, BFF or family member and most importantly your partner. They will not act but being dinkum listener they will listen to you if you are feeling low. And, will do anything possible to make you smile without any expectations.

I think I am deviating from what I started writing but I also think that it’s all about life. I am not a charlatan and not quacking but just felt like spreading some positivity, so I wrote this blog post.

I hope it will make some of you smile for sure. If not at-least I managed to waste your 5 minutes that you have spent in reading this entire post. Now laugh !!

Thanks for your time and keep blogging 🙂


Travel @ Canada


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Canada, another beautiful place on this earth.

Scenic beauty, tranquility, eudemonic are some of the words that came to my mind and were enough to awake a lexicographer in me.

I started my journey as a wayfarer in Vancouver and walked through some amazing places.

Went to the city of Surrey – which is known as hub of Indians and I found out only when I reached there, it did give me a feeling as if I was in India. Boarded the Sky train and that experience was flawless, you can easily commute even if you do not have a car because the Transit system is wonderful.

I did manage to meet some of my old college friends after a gap of around 8-9 years and then I realized that world is so small. Catching up with them was indeed very emotional, they took me for a long drive. We drove through some highways of West and North Vancouver and finally landed in Deep Cove (*Referring to wiki – Deep Cove is a popular small boat center, The bay in front of the community is one of the few in Indian Arm which has both a sheltering shape and the shallow bottom required for overnight anchorage of pleasure vessels)


Deep Cove

If you are bit of a shopping freak and follow brands then Richmond McArthurGlen is your destination. A very unique European style open mall close to the Vancouver Airport in Richmond that hosts the named Brands like US Polo, Hugo Boss, J.Crew etc. Another place where you can stop by for some shopping and food is Metro Town – You can easily spend half of your day here.

Toronto – Flew from Vancouver and the journey is of 5 hours but it was worth flying for so long, as I got to see the snowfall for the first time in my life.

Another lively experience was going to Niagara Fall and Dundas Street in downtown Toronto. I explored the city with my friend (whom i met after 8 years) and his Audi 😉


Dundas Street

Both the places i.e. Vancouver & Toronto are slightly different from each other in terms of the weather & lifestyle but they are beautiful.

It was nice to add something new to my memory bucket. Initially this was a trip planned to explore the beauty of Canada and my friends made it memorable for me.

Above all, another tractate from my recent experiences 🙂


Totidem Verbis


QuoteHello,  It took me couple of years to get back and start posting on my blog. I was busy but I kept thinking about sharing something new here.

This time, i would like to talk about my observations about some people with fake attitude.

Fake, Mean, Selfish, prig etc are few words that comes to your mind when you want to describe the personality of an ill mannered person.There would be lot to discuss and write but lets see how far we can go

When you meet some one for the first time, you tend to overlook the bad qualities of that person. But, if that person ceaselessly keep doing the same thing that annoys the other person then what do you call him? An idiot ?

It’s good to meet new people and make friends with them. You then get to catch up every then & now and plan trips, it really sounds good too and conducive.

But, things never remain constant, if one of the friends start to behave in an ill mannered way and then you realize that this is not the person you started hanging out with. If that person meets someone only if he/she wants to eat something or Drink, and he/she is someone who can’t talk continuously or can’t socialize. And, keeps gibbering which no one understands. You may think that he/she apprehend things, that could be the problem. But if it happens repetitively then you know what’s going on.

Lets take it this way:  When you invite this kind of person to a social gathering, you tend to see that, he/she doesn’t care who all are present, he/she just fill up his plate with food and will have enough drinks to gibber. And, suddenly walks out of the room without saying goodbye.

If this kind of person invites you to his house for a meal and quickly have 4-5 drinks then eat everything without leaving an ort for you. What will you call him/her? An A**hole!! Don’t want to be rude but isn’t that true?

These People buy a flashy car, new phone and takes you out for a drink but you find that they always forgets their wallet at home,& making you pay for the bills. What it is now? A Prig or Fake!!

What if person like this owns a brand new car and still call you up, knowing that you have finished work and pretends to have a cup of tea with you at his home to ease you up. But, when you reach his place, you find him/her standing outside talking on the phone and immediately sits in your car and asks you to drive to one of his friends place – (who lives on the other side of the town) by giving you some weird excuse.

And,  when you arrives at his friends place. This person quickly jumps out of the car and grabs a glass of free wine, sits down on the chair in the relaxing mood and asks you to wait for couple of hours to again drive back home.

People like this do exist and it’s up to you to allow or disallow them to take advantages of you, else they will continue to do so.

Have a nice day and keep blogging J

Song of ??



** Let me know your thoughts about this song.

Your name is written on every drop of my tear.

Boat of my life is sailing in the middle of the sea & there is no way out, as the strand is far away and full of fear.

Even the waves are asking  me, why is this constraint & why are we apart in love.

If it’s not mine? Then what!! every moment of my life is for you.

Your name is written on every drop of my tear.

Lonely in Aphotic night with a bright outlook & colors are not even near.

Boat of my life is sailing in the middle of the sea & there is no way out, as strand is far away & full of fear.

Your name is written on every drop of my tear.

My Ravaged luck, My empty hands but you live long i pray to god.

There is no pain for a person, who has lost everything in life.

Even the firelamps are extinguishing in these fast blowing winds & I am not left with any more energy to save them.   But, i can see my demise, what a extremely spectacular view it is!! & now, i don’t have any fear.

Your name is written on every drop of my tear.

Travel @ Australia


I recently got a chance to travel to  most of the cities in Australia.

Started with Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane & Tasmania.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I have been to all the places now. So, now if some one asks me that where I have been to then, at least, I can say everywhere in Australia 🙂

Although, I didn’t get time to visit these places like a tourist but I managed to get a glimpse of all.

And, the place that I liked the most is Tasmania, just because of its beauty. A Place to spend time with self.

Away from the world, just enjoy nature’s beauty, I have seen these kinds of sceneries in movies and I am totally enthralled by the nature’s creation.

If you are tired of noisy, stressful city life, this is a good place to relax – where you can experience the tranquility of spring. Also, the experience of visiting “Salamanca” – Ringed by shops, cafes, and restaurants, the centerpiece fountain in Tasmania was very different & enjoyable.

Other than that I liked the South bank of Brisbane, busyness of Sydney & Melbourne & freshness of Perth.

But, at the end good to be back at home.

Worst Neighbourhood


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I am having a bit of an ongoing dispute with my next-door neighbour.

I live in a townhouse and my neighbour named “Ms. Grumpy” is constantly showing aggression – “about what” even I do not know.
My neighbour’s house is joined to ours and the wall between the two of us is simply double brick and around 1ft thick.

She is the only one who owns her property, and everyone else is renting. In addition, she is the member of STRATA and being the owner, she has been given extra rights by strata.
Also, she has a habit of interfering in every one’s life and making it hell.
If anyone is breaking rules, she just puts the note in the corridor. However, she can break all the rules – this is the way she thinks.

If anyone go to Strata for any assistance, they will ask us to get in touch with the woman who owns the property, as she is the member of Strata.
Moreover, if we go to her, then she says, that “do not approach me for any kind of strata issues”.

Incident:  This time I spoke to one of our neighbour named “Mr. X” from another Unit and asked for his permission to park one of my two cars in his garage for the time being, as that slot was vacant & he agreed to it.

But, upon my return form work late in the evening – I found my “Ms. Grumpy’s’ – Strata Member’s car was parked at the free spot. And, when I went to her and asked  to move her car as i already spoke to the tenant of other Unit, then she denied :/ and simply said that she is not going to move her car, as someone else has parked their car in her car park illegally, which she doesn’t know about. Also, told us to stop approaching her for any strata related issues.

Most of all when she could not find the place to park her car, then she broke all the  rules and parked her car in the middle of the driveway.

More to it – Yesterday I saw her talking to the some one, and i realized the he was the same person who left his car parked in her car park (This is what she said to us). Furthermore, she even opened the gate for him and I was in a shock.

Later on, she came to me, said, “If you ever knock my door then, I will call the Police”, and left me agape.

I am still trying to understand; “why she is showing this kind of attitude and she does not even have any sense of responsibility”.

Anyways, enough of me blurting out my frustration.

You guys keep blogging 🙂

New Friends @ Dukes

Back again, I am writing another small tractate from one of my recent experiences.
Last Friday, one of my mates from previous organization planned an unplanned get-together as we hadn’t met for long time.
So, we thought of catching up in Dukes for Drinks.
I reached city on time, but my friend being SnollyGoster kept me waiting for 30 minutes.
Also, I was famished so I thought of having a coffee as a nosh before the drinks.

He came there with other workmates, which was a kind of surprise for me. I felt alate as I was meeting every one after long time.

Catherine, myself and Dan headed towards Dukes and managed to grab a nice spot to sit. And, one of our another colleague also joined us.

We ordered a Jug of Pale and a Pizza, as the place was a complete Chock-a-block – so we had to wait for our pizza for more than 30 minutes, but we finally got it and everyone was so hungry that there was not even an ort left 😉

Catherine was in a hurry, so she left bit early.

It was very cold outside.So, we changed our seats and grabbed another table, which was just underneath the heaters – so that we could feel the warmth.

Here comes the twist, two girls came over & sat next to us on the same table and I realized that one of them was my neighbour 🙂

This was a thought, but I was not very sure, as I hardly ever spoke to her. Or, It could have been the after effects of beer 😉

So, after thinking for a while, I manage to confirm from her that she was not my neighbour.
She was beautiful and so was her Friend. She was not my neighbour 😉 but her face was very similar to my neighbour.

I always find old people saying that, “Every Human being has 7 replicas which are physically present in this world” – I think this theory is absolutely right.

We introduced ourselves, we spoke to each other, also, I tried my best to bring out laughter and succeeded and we didn’t realize when we all became friends.

We all introduced our self to each other and spent some quality time together.
It is very rare that someone becomes friends with strangers, but it’s true for me and my mates and hopefully for the girls 🙂

I had to go somewhere, so, I left from there but with some more beautiful memories and another post, which I am sharing here.

Thanks for reading my post, Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Barossa Valley: A Groovy Trip



During this winter, I will be traveling to all the lovely places, where i can spend some quality time, no matter if that will be in hours, days or weeks.

On the Queens B’day – being a public holiday, i was in a deep sleep & was dreaming about fairies, and suddenly my phone rang and it was one of my neighbours who were calling.

I being fantast ignored his call and went to sleep again.

After about 45 minutes, i realized that oh i had to accompany them to Victor harbor but it was too late as they were loading stuff in their Cars and i phoned him to wait for me. He being bit generous gave me 20 minutes to get ready.

So, i was all set in 20 minutes.

There were around 10 Cars parked down the road & everyone from within was staring at me, as they were getting late.

Now, you can very well imagine that 10 families were going together. Agape!!! This was my expression.

So, we started our journey and exchanged each others Phone number, as we were aware of this fact that some of us will definitely going to get lost, and we were right too because on National Freeway every one realized that 3 cars were missing: D: D.

We phoned one of them and found out that they took a wrong turn and landed somewhere in the fields, other driver drove his car on to the different freeway and was 10 miles away from us.

The only option was to wait for them & to meet at a single point.

** I forgot to mention that originally the plan was for Victor Harbor but was suddenly changed to Barossa Valley don’t know why ;). Now we were on unplanned Trip without knowing the exact destination, and no one was aware of which route to follow.

Okay, so after spending 20 Quality minutes we managed to meet other three cars. OH Gosh 😉

Started again from there towards the unknown Point: P.

We reached Barossa Valley but no one realized as everyone was busy in chatting, eating & drinking. So, we reached at a very unusual place where we could see only cemetery & that’s it.

Managed to escape from there, but stopped again after driving few miles as we were still unsure about where to go.

Started again with a positive thinking that this time – we will definitely reach somewhere but suddenly stopped again after 15 minutes, because of kids as they wanted to piss.

Someone phoned one of his friends who had been to Barossa couple of times to find out more about the place. I was thinking why they didn’t ask him before starting the journey and it was already 1 Pm.

Okay! So one of the Guys being Mensch advised every one that he will lead the trip now.

For a minute i thought it’s a good idea that everyone should be given a chance to lead, as this is the only place where they can show their talent ;).

Everyone was happy this time as we could see a hope, but that hope went in Vain after 15 minutes as all the cars stopped in the middle of the road and were not sure of what route to follow 😦 😦

Thanks to the so called Leader.

Some of the male members came out from their cars just like Bollywood hero’s & they started discussing about the destination at 1.30 PM( We started at 10 am from our home) and they all started Pointing towards different direction.

Then, one of the lady advised everyone to follow GPS & left everyone agape huh!! Silly Mistake :/.

OK! so let’s go (a hope) & we managed to reach Whispering Wall – Center of Attraction in Barossa.

We ate our community lunch and saw some other families who were enjoying the view.

We all got together and number of people reached to 50.

Turned on some Punjabi Music in the Cars and started Dancing.

Every one (from diverse cultures) joined us and we danced to the Tune of Punjabi Music.

It was fun for 20 minutes and then greeted everyone and started from there.

I still think that it was more of a driving experience, but, it was fun, as i was being accompanied by number of people and we lived those few hours like a family.

And, i reached home on time 🙂

3 Days in Melbourne


It’s for the first time i travelled somewhere in Australia and  the experience was awesome but, unexpectedly I have had some bad experiences also.

Started my journey by leaving from office and one of my friends from work dropped me at the airport, So nice of her 🙂

Just before the boarding time, there was an announcement that flight will be delayed by 20 minutes & it was fine for me as my electron was in the excited state.

OK!! after a long wait of 20 minutes, i boarded my flight & walking past some beautiful Air hostesses was a wonderful experience 🙂

Now, something weird happened on the flight, as we heard another news from the Captain that due to the bad whether, Air Traffic dept. has asked them to slack a bit, else we can be in trouble which led to delay by 20 more minutes.

So, the overall Journey which should have been of 50 minutes was extended to 1:30 minutes

Reached Melbourne, i managed to reach the city “where according to me”  my friend was waiting for me.

But, my friend being a Pococurante manager played a trick & instead of he picking me up, he made me travel by train “which is now forcefully added  to my travel experience”.

I arrived at the place where he was waiting for me and we moved forward.

Here comes the Destination and joy began from there with “ASAHI”

Drove the car at 130 Km/hr on the Freeway of 6 Lanes & i felt alate.

Went to the Largest Shopping Mall of Southern Hemisphere and then Crown Casino, though i didn’t gamble and just went there for fun where my another friend was waiting for me and she must be annoyed as i kept her waiting for long 1 hour.

It was a different experience for me being in Casino when you don’t play games.

Now, the best part is when i went to Clayton (one of the suburbs of Victoria) with my friends to buy some stuff from an Indian shop, & as soon as we reached there i felt like i am in India, as this suburb is the hub of Asians & Indians.

Then, next day was the shopping day and i bought some awesome designer brands 🙂

The worst part of my journey was traveling by JETSTAR: Crappiest airline.

Dunno how others think but was very bad for me.

Inflight was stinking like anything, a white cloth clots of blood on it was lying underneath my seat.

And, i asked the hostess to get me a glass of water and she never came back.

While Landing my ears started buzzing and i couldn’t hear any thing. Not sure what was the reason but that was weird.

May be the Pilot was not experienced enough 😉 as a result my ears are still buzzinggg.

Overall it was a wonderful experience.

I managed to write my another post 🙂